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Our Mission

Our teachers will get to know you. We welcome you when you arrive and will do everything to make your visits with us productive. The link between personal connection, attention, and motivation is key in achieving your goals.

So let’s talk about what Pilates is: Pilates is a unique method that focuses on strength, coordination and flexibility for the entire body. It is a perfect way to move your body while strengthening and lengthening your muscles for a stronger, fitter you. It is also a great complement to other sports and any physical activities. What Mary Delk Pilates & Fitness can do for you? Help you with your fitness goals at whatever level you may be. Pilates helps those that may be re-entering physical fitness, Divison 1 College athletes, as well as everyone in between. Pilates can help prevent or rehab injuries. Many physical therapy patients use Pilates as a complement to their treatment. Why Mary Delk Pilates & Fitness: We have over 30+ years of Pilates and exercise experience. We LOVE to have fun and help our clients with their fitness goals. Come see us and you will be thrilled with your results.

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